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Don’t make the same mistakes we did: How you can do secrets management better with OWASP WrongSecrets

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When you need to talk to another server, when you want to use that fancy API, you always need to authenticate. For the authentication you often need a secret! So … where do you keep the secret? And how do you make sure that no one can walk away with it? And that’s the key question we want to answer with our project OWASP WrongSecrets! How do you manage your secrets?

In this interactive session we want to show you the project and give you hints & lessons you can learn from the mistakes made in the project, so you can protect your secrets better! We will present the project, demonstrate it and give you an interactive tour! Don’t want to miss it? Register today!

About the Speakers:

Jeroen is the project lead of OWASP WrongSecrets and a jack of all trades in security. He loves to develop new software, do hacking exercises, and help companies with security programs. He enjoys sharing knowledge, which is why he published articles, and blogs, and gave trainings and talks about various subjects.

Ben is a DevOps/Security/Site reliability Consultant and Engineer, and co-project leader of OWASP WrongSecrets. My specialties are architecting and implementing cloud services and building secure CI/CD environments. Ben believes security should be built-in and can be scaled to meet these modern ways of working. Outside of typical work I enjoy public speaking and hosting trainings or workshops, and I’m an AWS Meetup regular.

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We Hack Purple!

March 31, 2023
6:00am Pacific Time

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